Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Black Sheep

Craig and I walked in without a booking on a Wednesday evening, not sure what to expect because we had just driven past and thought it looked good. We were greeted with a smile and the manager made a plan to seat us at a two seater table near the window. Located near the top of Kloof street, it is in the perfect spot to appreciate some night views if our Mother City. The restaurant look is a mixture between modern deco, with smooth lines and a muted palette, and rustic edges of a melange wood feature wall and some face brick finishes.

No sooner had we sat down and our waiter was at the table, warmly greeting us and offering something to drink. We opted to look at the wine menu, an extensive and well thought out list offering an array of bottles and a fair few different wines by the glass. I chose the Sutherland pinot noir and suggested that Craig try the Anura Chardonnay. Upon arrival I was a bit surprised that my pinot noir was a red wine. I'm used to the Haute Cabriere pinot noir, which is a light peach colour. None the less, surprises are good and this wine was even better than I had anticipated. Craig was in the mood for a red and offered to swap with me, so I obliged and was treated to a sweet honey taste of Anura Chardonnay that kept on whispering "more".

Only a few sips into our tasty wine and a surprise taster arrived at our table. It consisted of a thin slice of toasted ciabatta with purreed avocado, pea and mint served in a generous dollop on top. It was very refreshing and light, not to mention a delicious treat that we didn't even have to pay for!

For our starter, we ordered sweet bread, which is deep fried marrow in a crispy batter, served with an olive oil pesto and parsley dipping sauce. It was something different to the usual genre of starter. The crispy, salty experience was quite lekker, to quote my darling dining partner. 

My main course was a tarragon and mustard marinated chicken breast with sweet corn fritters and sherry sauce - oh my word it was to die for!!! I can't even describe to you how good the flavour was,  but I will try. The mustard added a vinegar/acidity to the sweet sherry, and the tarragon just took things to a whole new level. (I haven't had many things with tarragon so it's difficult to explain the flavor, but this will be changing immediately!) The chicken breast was served upon some crispy broccoli stalks and crunchy green beans. I encountered some interesting vegetables scattered on the side of the plate. They looked as if they came out of a scifi movie. According to the Internet, they are called Veronica hybrid cauliflower. Taste wise, I would say they are the halfway point between cauliflower and broccoli, which to some are horrible, but to me they are the bees knees, so you can imagine my delight at trying the two together! Yum yum and such an interesting appearance .

What a delicious meal, and according to our waiter, the menu changes each night. This was confirmed by the manager, who went on to say that the resaurant is a neighbourhood gathering spot, and that their flavours are constantly being adapted to keep the patrons coming back for more. After almost two years of business, this place is busy every night of the week, and after that gorgeous meal, I fully understand why. So if you're in the mood for something special, call the Black Sheep up and make a booking. You won't be disappointed!
104 Kloof street, Cape Town
Ph: +27 (021) 426 2661 / 426 2753

Mustard and tarragon marinated chicken breast

Average quality panoramic of the scene

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